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Before Ideation

Before you start creating new ideas you need to define a goal you want to work towards to. This could be for example „I want my organization to be an e-commerce sales hero“, „I want to tell an appealing story about female empowerment“ or „I want to create a startup that will reduce plastic waste in our seas“. Once you have defined your goal, you may draw your first card and start creating your idea!

step 1

The Vision Card

The Vision card will guide your way on how you are going to reach your goal. As for the example of „Change it“ discuss and think about possibilities how existing processes could be fundamentally changed, or done differently? Chose a specific card or draw a random card for more fun.

step 2

Draw One Technology Card

Our Technology cards offer you current technologies or trends that should be used for your ideation. These technologies can be used as enablers and tools to solve an existing problem and support your ideation process. For example, how could Virtual Reality change the way you market your local store? Chose a specific card or draw a random card from the hat.

step 3

Mindset Card

The Mindset cards suggest different buyer personas or target groups to help you make your idea more specific and appealing to them. We will help you to understand their pain points, wishes, and desires to craft an engaging idea. Chose a specific card or let your game partner draw a random card for you.

step 4

Three Emotion Cards

Our Emotion cards introduce you to different emotions or behaviors you’d probably like to provoke at your target group. Using proven gamification methods, we believe that these are the most important cards for your ideation process. Chose three specific cards or ask a passerby to draw three random cards for you.

step 5

Go Crazy For 30 Minutes!

Now is the time for letting go of every fear and focus on what you want to achieve. Let your mind and imagination do the work for you, take notes, refine your thoughts and discuss, if you’re in a group, all the possibilities you could make use of. This is the most essential part of the ideation process and you will be surprised how many great ideas can be created in just 30 minutes!

step 6

Tell your Story

The Presentation cards will offer you interesting and fun options on how to present your newborn business idea to a group in front of you. Imagine pitching your idea as a fairytale starting with „Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away“ - Even though the presentation cards are optional and designed for workshops or group work only, it’s still a lot of fun to try them out at home alone. Chose a specific card or let the Brothers Grimm pick one random card for you!


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